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Meeting Chinese students and MORE!

An exciting day of meeting students, visiting the Three Gorges Museum, Hong Ya Dong and tasting Hot Pot.

What a great day! Not onlydid we take in some beautiful sites, but we had the pleasure of meeting primary and middle school Chinese students.

The Three Gorges Museum and the People's Auditorium were very impressive.

Everyone was getting into a "museum state of mind".

We seem to make new friends wherever we go.

These young children were on a field trip to the museum. They were having an art lesson on perspective and their drawings were amazing.

Hong Ya Dong is very pretty. Let the bargaining begin!

A big hello to everyone back home. We are having fun, but miss you!

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Opening Ceremony and Ancient Town

Much to see and do on our first full day in Chongqing!

Today we participated in the opening ceremony for the Chinese Proficiency Competition for Students from Foreign Schools. All five of our American delegate students did an outstanding job with their introductions. All the students from each nation did a brief presentation. Also, the ceremony itself was packed with peformances in a display of Chinese culture and history. This event was held at the Chongqing Normal University, which has a huge brand new campus. Below are a few pictures from the event.

Later in the afternoon, we visited the 3,000 year old town of Ci Qi Kou. The place was packed with people, but everyone really enjoyed it.
It has been very interesting to talk with teachers from around the world. We are looking at ways in the near future to connect our students at the international level since through this project we have begun to establish so many relationships. All are programs share many similarities as well as clear differences.

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Yes, there is Mc Donald's in China!

An early start for Chongqing

We got up very early (3:30 AM) to head to the airport and arrive in Chongqing.
Chongqing has over 32 million people and is known as the City of Bridges. It is a mountainous area with two rivers flowing through it. Do you know which rivers they are?
We arrived at our hotel and had a few hours to explore the city with students from the Univeristy as our guides. We talked about many things, including Kobe Bryant, the Lakers and all things NBA. Basketball is very popular here!
Although the delegate students are preparing for presentations in Mandarin (to be presented in the morning) and we are all tired and ramping up to visit schools, the opening ceremonies for the language competition and other scheduled events tomorrow, we still had time to check out the local McDonalds!china1_022.jpg
Good ol' Ronald McDonald sure does get around.
We have been learning a lot about Chinese culture from our hosts and tour guides. Everyone has been very gracious.
The students have learned not only about Chinese culture, but about each other and the countries represented. There have been tons of laughs, lots of bargaining with the Chinese yuan, and productive dialogues regarding our language programs and student learning.

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Beijing Day 2

Olympic Center, Forbidden City, Imperial Palace and Tienemen Square

Our second day was packed full of magnficent views.
Here are a few pictures....china1_024.jpg
This was taken at the Olympic Center.
The Forbidden City is beautiful!

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Exploring Beijing

DAY 1: Confucius Institute Headquarters, Peking Duck and the Great Wall

After a short drive, we arrived at the Confucius Headquarters. We had a great time exploring all the "hands on" exhibits and getting to know the other delegates.
This photo is of the whole delegation.
Our tour guide then took us for Peking Duck (Beijing Duck)! Everyone really enjoyed their special lunch.
Our next destination was the Great Wall. It was very cold and foggy but we were still amazed and some of us are still feeling the strain of hiking up the Wall!

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